Tenth Year


There is nothing risible about today. So I won’t even try.

I was nine when it happened. When our teacher told our violin class, the first thing that came to mind was my dad, who was on a business trip. The first thing I asked my mom when I got home from school was “Mommy, is Daddy in New York?”

They told me the Trade Center had been bombed. Hundreds had died. I saw pictures in the paper and on the covers of magazines in grocery stores. But I never saw footage until a few years ago in high school. My heart broke so hard I heard the crack.

When I was small I felt that my country was invincible. Now I and the rest of my countrymen are not so sure.

But in this time of uncertainty, I know that there is One Who is certain. He who holds the storm and keeps us in the eye of the hurricane. Who tastes tragedy and weeps with us. Who looks at injustice and says “I will repay.” Who at the end of all things will wipe the tears of His children away forever. Who died so that we wouldn’t have to. Who takes all evil and crushes it under His heel.

Do you know Him? Are you one of His own?

Towers may crumble. Nations may fall. Mountains may erupt. But He will never falter, and He will certainly never fail.

He is the Tower no force can demolish.

Trust in Him.


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  1. Oh, my Little Treasure!

    How proud of you I am. At your young age, you have seen and learned the most important lesson of all. A mighty fortress is our God–a bulwark never failing!

    He spared my life that day–though the trek home was lonely and surreal. More than 3,000 of my fellow businessmen and fellow citizens never saw the rising sun again.

    And 10 years later, He continues to spare us all from many ills and sorrows. Some of our fellow countrymen have not been so blessed. Many little ones go to sleep tonight deprived of a loving father or mother, those who have given all in defense of an idea that too many deride and mock and disdain. Liberty? What is that? Give me my benefit check. I deserve it.

    Woe to those who forsake essential Liberty for temporary security. They shall have neither. And they are unworthy of both!

    I love you, My Little Treasure!

    Sleep well. Our God reigns!


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