Springtime Snow


We didn’t get out snow this year. The first year in my whole life that I have gone without seeing a single flake. As a southern girl who never got to see much of the magical white stuff when she was growing up, it was a sad, sad winter.

My northern friends groan when I tell them that I’m sad there was no snow. “You should live where I come from,” they say. “You’ll get so much snow you’ll be sick of it.”

Maybe so. For me, snow is still so rare in my life that it’s still magical. In my mind, no child had ever been a kid until he spends one afternoon playing in the snow. I got very few, and even as a emerging adult, I hunger for more.

But as I was walking past the trees outside my dorm, I realized something beautiful. These trees have been in bloom for the past week, and their limbs are laden with the purest white blossoms you have ever seen. But now the blossoms are falling to make way for the leaves, and white petals are floating down from the trees just like…


And I think to myself, what a wonderful God. What a wonderful God to give me snow, even when winter is long gone. Thank you, Lord, for springtime snow.


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  1. It is beautiful! But watch out allergies! Just think …. in the perfect kingdom, we will be able to enjoy the flowers, pollen and all, with no physical repercussions. Thank you for noticing the beauty in spite of your discomfort. And thank you for the reminder of God’s blessings.

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