Yes, I’ve Been Writing


Back in the beginning of my Rambler days, I explained that the purpose of this blog was to ensure that I would write a little every day. At the time, I was still wander through the Slough of Classes That Had Very Little To Do With My Major, so I needed to set aside time to write every day to make sure I didn’t lose my touch. That, and I like trying to make people laugh. We’ve all got our hobbies.

Rest assured that I’ve been doing nothing but writing for the past six hours. Two theater reviews for two different classes. One short story revision worth 100 points. Yes. Yes, I’ve been writing. No worries.

Writing, and daydreaming about a year-long, cross-country trip where I live out of a duffel bag for a year while writing about my experiences on the road. Dreams, yes. But stranger things have happened, such as a college student getting a good night’s sleep. Crazy, right?


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  1. I write nearly every day. Can’t say how many words, cause I don’t count them. Either short stories, or creative writing with my friends online. Its relaxing for me, but rewarding when a story comes out good, and its well received. ❤

  2. If you ever find yourself stuck, one trick I’ve learned is to find some funny picture off the internet, stare at for a couple of seconds, then write either an absurd story about it, or ad copy for some phoney product. Neither has to make sense. ([Heck], Hunter S. Thompson made an entire career out of not making sense) but, it’ll get your juices flowing for when you DO want to make sense.

    Does that make any sense?? 😉 lol

    Good luck! 🙂

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