Let the Lights Shine


There’s this brilliant little tradition at Undisclosed University where we all gather on front campus, sing carols, and watch the Christmas lights on campus come on for the first time.

It’s glorious.

There’s this spotlight by the nativity scene by the road in front of the campus gates that shoots straight up into heaven like the Bat Signal. It’s a beacon—if you’re anywhere in Anytown and you happen to be lost, just look for the spotlight and you’ll find your way back to campus in no time. Every year I wonder if they can see the spotlight from the International Space Station. It’s that bright and that big.

And we sang carols. There is nothing better at Christmastime than singing carols with good friends.

And, of course, going to my work party where all we librarians tore around the library like maniacs trying to figure out where the Grinch hid Christmas. And eating lots of fattening stuff. Never let it be said that a librarian’s life is boring.

I love this time of year.


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