Deck the T.B. Ward with Boughs of Holly


Something happens to the collective immune systems of UU students in winter. Thanks to three months of enduring stress, sleeplessness, irregular meals, and bombardment by a bevy of germs and viruses, our defenses are slowly but surely beginning to slip.

Half of the campus population is coughing into their sleeves every five seconds. The dumpsters are littered with empty tissue boxes. Everyone’s voices sound a little deeper and scratchier. It’s the flu—the common cold—pneumonia—diphtheria—tuberculosis—the black plague. Whatever. Everybody’s got something, and those of us who don’t are popping vitamin C tablets like candy.

In other words, there are some of us on campus who are stressed, sick, yearning for home, busy, exhausted, festive, excited, and ready to die all at the same time.

Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? All I have to do is write a teensy little play by Thursday afternoon. How hard can that be, compared to having to that and being sick. Even if I catch something now, I’ll have Christmas break to get over it…

Wait a second. I’m in a wedding in two weeks. I can’t get sick, otherwise I’ll be coughing all the way through my best bud’s wedding. Or worse, I won’t be able to come at all.

Where’s my vitamin C?


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  1. If you start to come down with something I highly recommend ColdEeze. I can’t take it right now, ’cause it would be too much zinc in one dose for the baby, but pre-pregnancy ColdEeze saved my neck … er-throat and lungs…multiple times!

    They’re kind of like cough drops so they’re not too bad.

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