Last Straw


I have gone crazy. Of course, you all saw it coming, I’m sure. But I think I may have finally snapped. If I haven’t already, I will have by the end of this week.

You know it’s bad when you start wearing reindeer antlers at work. And you don’t care how much people are staring.

If nothing else, sleep deprivation will drive me mad. It’s time like these where I have to remember that there are others in the world who are struggling much more than myself. I know that others have even greater cause to be slap-happy or slap-tired than I do. People fighting cancer, battling starvation, people caught up in civil war. They have much more cause to complain than I, and I acknowledge that.

But in light of the growing headache that has taken up residence between my eyebrows, I must confess that I have reached my limit for the day, and I will surrender and go to bed.


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