I’m going to do something I have yet to do in the history of this blog. I am going to reuse my own material.

I am not doing this for the reasons you might expect. It’s not because I’m exhausted or I can think of nothing else to write about. My brain is actually teeming with ideas at the moment, a rarity on the last day of a grueling examination week.

However, due to a final project which needs tweaking before submitting it tomorrow, I will simply repost a poem that I wrote and posted a year ago. It is a dorky little parody of a poem, and this edition contains a few minor edits to decrease the dorkiness. But it is a celebratory poem written in honor of the UU student body’s approaching freedom. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it a year ago.

‘Twas the night before Christmas break,

And all through the dorm,

Not a student was sleeping

(As was often the norm).


Each boy and each girl

Curled in his or her bunk,

Eating popcorn and Cheetos

And other such junk


While the pages were turning

In note- and textbooks—

And they gazed on their luggage with

With long, wistful looks.


For tomorrow at noon,

After one or two tests,

They’ll pile into airplanes

And go to their rests:


After all of their toil,

Their tears and their fear,

They can finally go home

For this Best Time of Year.


So to all those dear students,

If you sleep, then sleep tight!

Merry Christmas to all,

And to all, a good night!



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