Many Meetings


There are few greater joys than reconnecting with old friends. Combine that reunion with good food and a common cause (i.e., a best friend’s wedding) and you’re bound for an evening of hilarity.

There is an initial awkwardness to be expected. At first, not everyone will be on the same page, simply because everyone will have undergone some form of change.

There are always, of course, the superficial changes. Some of the group will be heavier or lighter than they were in the past. Others will be taller. Hair color may have changed, or style of dress. The guys will have beards that weren’t there in the past, and girls’ hair is always subject to an infinite variety of changes in shape or shade.

Everyone in the group will have their own histories separate from your own, especially if they’ve gone to colleges far from home or have been on adventures that involved no other members of the party. College itself changes people. A few of you will be in relationships that you weren’t in before—and a few of you will have been freed from relationships that everyone knew about but was not aware of their terminations. A few years of separation, and you’ll discover how some people’s ideologies have shifted—perhaps negatively, perhaps positively. Goals that a person may have had in the past may have shifted to something entirely unexpected, such as someone who for years had been bent on world domination deciding he wants to be a missionary. At such reunions, expect curve balls.

However, the threads of your shared histories will re-entwine, and all of you will be able to—as the saying goes—“pick up where you left off.”

And the hilarity will begin.


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