Now I Can get Sick


Any college student will tell you that for the entire semester, his biggest wish is not just to get good grades and maintain a decent social life. Oh, no. His wish is to not get sick. In the Jenga game of student life, our health is the one pesky wooden block that, if pulled from the pile, will cause everything else to come crashing down. School is hard enough as it is without having to battle sickness.

Unfortunately, most of us, at some point or another, must face the dark and slippery uphill battle of being both a students and sick at the same time. Few college professors are nice about deadlines, and rarely take illness as an excuse for lateness. Whether it’s a trifling cold or a knock-down, drag out bought with pneumonia, being sick during school just doesn’t make life any easier.

My mother told me one that every year, without fail, she’d return home at the end of a semester and have to deal with sickness for the entire break. She could force her immune system so far, but it would break down as soon as she knew she was done with a semester.

In the past few weeks, everyone I know has gotten sick. Both roommates were sick. My lunch buddies got sick. Several girls on my hall in the dorms got sick. A few of my closest friends got the sniffles. In short, just about everyone I’ve given a hug to in the past month has contracted some form of the Plague. And I’ve been waiting to catch something. Anything. With this much interaction with sick people, it was bound to happen.

Normally, it’s safe to say “I can get sick as soon as exams are over.” This was not the case for me this year, as I was going to be an attendant at a close friend’s wedding.

By some act of divine intervention, I did not get sick and made it safely through the wedding today. I started coughing the moment I got home after tonight’s festivities. But it’s okay. The semester’s over. The wedding’s over. Now  I can get sick.


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  1. I’m also hoping you don’t get sick! It’s not very restful, and you need to store up all the rest you can for this next semester! 😉 Maybe your body will realize that and fight extra hard!

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