Multi-Culti Christmas


We in the Rambler household like a variety when it comes to food. We make German spice cookies for Christmas and are mildly obsessed with Mexican food at all other times of the year. Mother and I have a taste for Asian cuisine, and all of us have an affinity for anything Italian.

Two years ago, we celebrated Christmas with latkes. Latkes, as you may know, are potato pancakes traditionally associated with the Jewish celebration of Hanukah. Hanukah and Christmas are not known for being friends, but we like to celebrate diversity. While we’re not Jewish, during the winter months we like to keep a menorah on the shelf next to our Bible commentaries.

That same Christmas, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for Christmas Eve and wished the wait-staff a feliz navidad.

This year we reprised the latke tradition. We made latkes tonight. I am no chef—normally I only make the occasional fruit pie—but tonight I added latke-making to my repertoire. I may not be able to do anything else, but at least I can make a mean latke.  

We will overlook the fact that we served bacon with the latkes. Diversity, folks. Diversity.


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  1. The Dadster Ripostes:

    Oh, it was worse than that. Along with the latkes, we had shellfish (a Kosher no-no). There were cheeses with beef–another no-no. And there were latkes. Really. And guacamole.

    So yes, there is a variety of food cultures at the Risible household. It’s what we do for family fun. Today, we had leftover feast. Wow–talk about diversity. The Mumsie made homemade pimento cheese! I was apoplectic with joy.

    Have you ever had a pimento cheese BLT? If not, you need to try one before you die. Homemade pimento cheese (my wife’s is absolutely the very best under God’s heaven), grilled butcher-cut bacon (which we have every week), crisp Romaine lettuce, and some sort of plump slicing tomato–take your pick.

    Serve all up on grilled sourdough bread.

    Ensure that there are sufficient gobbets of mayonnaise to lubricate the entire concoction.

    And just enjoy.

    So to all the readers of the Risible Rambler’s posts–merry eating this Merry Christmas.

    The Dadster

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