Facing the Music


After all of the wrapping paper, ribbons, and other Christmas Day rubble has been swept away, we are left with a pile of newly acquired presents and a camera-full of memories.

We also know that before long, reality will set in. We’ll be back to deadlines, chores, assignments, and tasks. Even as I spend time with my family at The House, my task list calls to me in a disconcerting monotone, telling me that even before I must return to school, the work will begin.

There are songs to write. A play commission. Decorations to take down. Items to donate to charity. Cleaning. Thank-you-note writing. Last-week-of-freedom socializing with friends I won’t see again until the summer. Lines to memorize.

At the same time, catching up on the precious commodity of sleep will be a priority. School is seeping in on my few precious weeks of quasi-freedom.

Ah, well. One can’t be twelve forever. Besides, it’s writing. Writing is fun. Yeah.

Meanwhile, I will sit in front of the fire in the cavernous living room at The House, surrounded by antiquity and spending time with the people I love the most. If a moment can be spared, and such trips are made for sparing moments, I will curl up in my favorite rocking chair and write in my poor, neglected journal.

Reality can wait a few more days.


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