Plans Gone Agley


The saddest part of Christmas break is when it ends. I think every student has noble goals of things they want to accomplish before freedom ends and academic bondage begins, but for whatever reason, there’s never quite enough time to do all the things you’d hoped to do.

Add in the interesting curveball of contracting some unpleasant mystery illness, and you’re really sunk. It is nigh unto impossible to think (or type) clearly when you’re under a medication fog and everything hurts. For example, I had to stop about five times during that last sentence to fix glaring typographical errors. Thankfully, there is no homework due for quite some time, so naps on Sunday afternoons are still permissible.

Once again, my best laid plans have been put on hold due to an act of Providence. Thank heavens everything happens for a reason, otherwise I might grow increasingly frustrated with every sneeze, cough, and shiver. Apparently God knew that I finally needed to just stop everything and rest.   


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