Return to Quasi-Normalcy


Something about the Christmas season makes it feel as though time has been magically suspended to accommodate for all the general craziness that accompanies the holiday season. Once school lets out, or we clock off from that last pre-festivity shift at work, we enter the Christmas time-bubble and forget about the outside world until the bubble bursts.

The Christmas tree comes down. The lights are unstrung. The resin Santa statues and porcelain angels are packed away in boxes and stuffed back into the attic or the basement or the shelves in the garage. Someone gulps down the last of the eggnog. All of the festive reds and greens have been replaced by everyday browns and greys and beiges and taupes. All that remains of Christmas are a few stray pine needles on the floor and a tray of dry Christmas cookies.

On the bright side, our houses are a lot less cluttered now. On the not-so-bright side, Christmas is over until next November, which seems like such a drearily long ways away.

At least we can rest assured that Christmas will always come back. Unless of course it is outlawed, in which case you’re looking at one young woman who will be quickly packing her bags and heading for Croatia on a not-so-temporary trip.

Of course, now we must all face the year armed with little but our lists of resolutions. I have made a few, but I will not list them here. You can take that in one of two ways. One, you can accept by faith that I have made a few resolutions and am simply too private a person to publish them online. Or two, you can assume that I have in fact made no resolutions, and therefore cannot publish them online at all, them being nonexistent and everything. Believe what you wish. I will accomplish things this year, regardless of whether or not they were on any sort of list. It’s what needs to be done in the next week that it my paramount concern.

In the meantime, as we all hang up our newly acquired 2013 calendars in our kitchens and bedrooms, I’m sure that will be more than one person who will flip through the pages and wonder, as these hobbits do:



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  1. Actually, we’ve had second Christmas with the Dadster’s side of the family. But as you know, the twelve days of Christmas actually START with Christmas Day and end with Three Kings Day… so we have a few days left to go! 🙂

  2. I still think that one year we should all be nice and give gifts to each other for 11 months, then be jerks for one month to blow off steam. It could work. Plus we could leave the lights and trees up that way.

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