I Wish That I Could Stay


I would like to take this moment to come out and say: I wish I had more Christmas break. I don’t feel like I’ve had quite enough yet, thank you. I haven’t gotten in enough reading time; not enough random acts of creativity. I spent part of it sick. I’ll be utterly transparent with you all and say that I’m just not ready.

I have to go back to school on Monday. Back to my own personal prison of grades and events until the summer, when I’ll be working—but at least there will be no school.

My prayer for the next 24 hours will be to beg the Lord for snow. Barrel loads of it. On Monday. Maybe then I’ll have the time to finish doing the project I’ve desperately been trying to work on for the past week. Maybe.

It’s weeks like this that I realize that school never leaves you. I’m trying not to be utterly frightened by that.


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  1. I’m totally sympathetic, Miss Rambler. But….Just remember, Little One, that you just came away from your best semester of college. You loved it! This next semester may be just as, if not more, sweet than the last. Bring out that positive spirit that normally characterizes my optimistic girl. I’m not ready for school this week either, but we need to think positively about what the Lord has in store for us! 🙂

  2. I hated school as well 😀 And had many more useful and exciting projects of my own waiting till vacation/days off times.. 🙂
    Haha now I live in the house up the mountain, so when it snows, roads are closed as well, and many local folks pray for that ;)))
    Well, wish you snow! :))

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