Sweet Disappointment


My fellow Anytown-dwellers can tell you it didn’t snow today. All the UU students went to their classes in spite of enticing, but misguided, predictions of snow. Ah, well, we thought. Better luck next year.

The fact that the day didn’t go as planned doesn’t imply a bad day, however. Sometimes a day can go better than expected. Instead of snow, there may be bright but chilly sunshine. An uplifting lunch with a friend. A brisk, invigorating run. Hours of beautiful music. Reminiscing with an appreciative audience. Rediscovering a bag of chocolate. A good laugh with old friends. The anticipation of more tomorrow. Laughter, that is, although running into old friends wouldn’t be unwelcome.

No day is a mediocre day. I think we often trick ourselves into believing in the myth of the “average” day. No day is average, really. Each day happens once. Each day you wake up and your heart is somehow still beating even though it’s been going nonstop for years. The sun is still shining (even if it’s behind clouds and hiding its face for the moment), despite the fact it’s been burning for an insanely long count of years. The world we live in is full of people, each one unique and beloved of God, and variety is one of the many fragrant spices of life. If one is awake to the little wonders of every day, then no day can really be called mediocre. In fact, under those circumstances, every day can truly be called a miracle.

So there was no snow. A minor disappointment. Life, in all its wonder and beauty, goes on. That’s hardly disappointing at all.


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  1. Thank you for this sweet reminder. Although you didn’t say as much, I’m reminded not to waste one of these precious days.

  2. Beautiful thoughts, Rambler. I’ve written and given a whole speech on wonder, yet every time the subject is brought up I feel convicted for not better appreciating the amazing world God has allowed us to enjoy. Thank you for the reminder!

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