Keeping With Tradition


Time is the great changer. Once a moment is gone, you don’t get it back, and the next moment will be nothing like the moment before it. Every second finds us a second older, and even a second wiser.

As we change, the way we do things changes. Writers find their writing style maturing. We walk a little slower, maybe, or find ourselves to be stronger than we had imagined we’d be in the past.

Even things about this blog have changed since its infancy. Two years ago, this was a rather obtuse humor blog. It’s still an obtuse humor blog, but as I have grown up and grown deeper, I tend to talk more about deep things than I did in the past.

But some things about this blog will never change. One of the things about this blog that will not change is that once a month, I will ask my dear readers a very important question:

Eleven months until Christmas. Have you finished your shopping yet?


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