Random Ramblings (That’s All, Folks)


Because my brain is fried, I will be writing about whatever pops into my head over the next fifteen minutes or so. Maybe something I write will end up being somewhat amusing.

  1. There is a novelization of the musical West Side Story at the head of my bed. I have been reading a paragraph at a time over the past several days. Even though that musical happens to be one of my favorites, the presence of this book on my shelf reminds me of one of the many reasons I boycott Valentine’s Day. That is a story for another day.
  2. My refrigerator doubles as a nightstand. Atop this nightstand, among a few other random items, there is a hand mirror and a vase holding a single red rose. Where either of those items came from is immaterial. The rose is beginning to look droopy, and with the long-handled mirror sitting beside it, I can’t help but feel if that rose’s last petal falls before my twenty-first birthday, I’ll be stuck as myself for the rest of my life. Or something like that.
  3. There are still remnants of shininess on my fingernails from a manicure I got in preparation for my friend’s wedding last month. They weren’t kidding when they told me it would last forever.
  4. It is surprisingly easy to confuse “The Ride of the Valkyries” with “The Darth Vader Theme” from Star Wars, especially if you’re trying to take a nap on a couch backstage and your brain stopped functioning properly about two hours beforehand.
  5. Rather than waiting until March to begin the usual what-I’m-going-to-do-the-moment-I-get-home-for-summer-vacation fantasizing, I started it today. There are plans of listening to movie soundtracks and songs by the group Secret Garden blasted very loudly on the family room speakers while I lie on the couch in a state of utter bliss. It will be glorious.

Thank you for this little indulgence. Depending on how this semester continues, there may be more of such isolated random thoughts as we inch our way closer and closer to May.


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  1. You poor soul! I think the semester hit everyone like an angry green monster. Or felt like being slammed into the floor by one. Whatever. It wasn’t fun.
    You amuse me.
    I hope you have an awesome day tomorrow! Sweet dreams, Miz Rambler!

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