Murphy Strikes Again


There are certain truths which we hold to be self-evident. Man’s equal and unalienable rights, for instance. Single men in possession of large fortunes must be in want of wives. To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. And if you are planning on the weather to be perfect for whatever reason—it won’t be.

This applies to all kinds of weather. Most people desire sunniness on a regular basis, but the need for a clear day increases when you’re planning an outdoor wedding or bar mitzvah. Or perhaps you hope to make a journey to the local coliseum for a football game and don’t want to sit in a puddle the whole time. Or, ladies, you’re prepping in the morning for a date at night, and the humidity destroys all hope of your hair looking like anything other than a drowned rat.

Maybe you’re praying for rain. We’ve been doing a lot of that over the past few summers here in Anytown, since we’ve endured a drought for several years and a few of our rivers are turning into creeks and lakes have dwindled to puddles. During the spring especially, when the pine and oak trees are shedding pollen in sheets and all that’s required is a good rain to settle the dust and keep us from sneezing constantly.

Of course, there’s the desire for snow. Snow has a miraculous way of shutting things down, if there’s enough of it. In the middle of a grey winter it is pleasant to exchange a day of drudgery for a day of being unable to go anywhere because the snow is piled up higher than the door.

But the thing about weather is that the more you wish for a certain kind, the less likely you are to get it. Outdoor wedding? Expect rain. Garden shed on fire? Not a cloud in the sky. Test on Friday? No snow for you.

It’s as though Murphy’s law has a weather clause.


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  1. The Dadster Ripostes:

    January thaw, February freeze, and (really) March madness.

    I remember the “inland hurricane” we experienced in 1993. The “snow” was blowing so hard (and cold) that it felt like little knives in my face.

    I remember April snow so cold that Mumsie and I walked on the BRP (You know!) in silence as the snow fell.

    The Holy One of Heaven has a way of both delighting us and surprising us with His power when we least expect it.

    And the reminder of our mortality, and of His eternal goodness and grace, does us all good!

    Deo Soli Gloria!


    The Dadster

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