Bad Night for Tafetta


Lesson of the day: formal attire and rain don’t mix.

Murphy ’s Law has yet to be abolished. If you’re required to go to an event where formal wear is the evening’s dress code, expect rain. It helps, however, if you wear a dress that is too long anyway so you can just snip away the water damage when you get it hemmed. It also helps if your date has the presence of mind to bring an umbrella the size of a revival tent.

Blessing(s) of the day: hot tea, umbrellas, flowers, dark chocolate, Legos, and crayons.  

Today was cold and rainy, therefore necessitating several gallons cups of hot tea and a stalwart umbrella to withstand the wind and pelting rain. Today was a blue day, not as in blue skies but as in a sense of general downness and weariness, and therefore the unexpected but not at all unpleasant arrival of dark chocolate, Legos, and crayons at my dormroom door was quite wonderful. Flowers are pretty no matter what’s happening in your life or where you happen to see them. Flowers are a reminder that seemingly delicate things can be sturdy, even in the cold and wet.

Ambition of the day: If I am ever so much as a quarter of the author that C.S. Lewis was, I will call myself an accomplished woman and will be able to die in peace.

The man was a genius. He was a master of reverse psychology, and able to always find the right word for every point he wanted to make without needing to ramble incessantly—like yours truly. His words still reverberate through the world, into both hearts of those who’ve climbed the ivory towers and those who still walk the solid earth below. Brilliance. Utter brilliance.

Concern for tomorrow:

Lessons learned: one. Blessings acquired: five plus. Ambitions discovered: one. Homework completed: 0.5.

Good night.


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