Sleepless in Anytown


I’ve always heard that there’s no rest for the wicked, and the righteous don’t need it.

Whether I’m wicked or righteous, I’ll leave for others to judge. Regardless, I need rest, no matter what the old adage says.

We all do. All of us Undisclosed University students are starting to get that glassy, half-dead stare that’s usually reserved for actors in zombie movies. Most of us exchanged water bottles for thermoses of coffee long ago, and more than half of us wish we could exchange the thermos for an I.V. drip of pure caffeine. The work keeps piling on, and the days seem to shrink like wool in the wash.

Sleep has become the thing we look forward to the moment we get up in the morning. And it’s only been four weeks of classes.

Sleep is a strange thing, come to think of it. We lapse out of wakefulness into an alternate state that’s completely natural, yet we slip into dreams that are anything but natural. We don’t stop breathing, and our heart s and minds never take a moments rest. We just keep existing, though not every part of us is engaged. Sleep provides escape, even though we’re not going anywhere—unless you sleepwalk. But that’s another story.

And because we dream, it’s as though we never really stop being awake. It’s as if our minds still want to travel when our bodies are too weary to keep going.

Sadly, those of us under extreme duress find ourselves dreaming about the things that stress us out the most—which means that even sleep can’t bring escape.


Ah, well. Dreams and sleep are uncertain things—we’ll either have them or we won’t—but wakefulness will come. A new day, a new start, and the chance to live. Even a bleary-eyed day can be a full one, if we’re only grateful to be alive.

If that ramble made no sense—well, I’m sure you can guess the reason. Now, if you will excuse me, my pillow is calling my name.


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