My Planner Overfloweth


It’s amazing what happens when you don’t have three-hour rehearsals three days a week.

When that time slot opens up, you suddenly feel limitless. As if there’s nothing you can’t do. Suddenly you have three whole hours to yourself. No need to spend the day compensating for the time that would be spent rehearsing in the evening. You’ve been given back three hours of every day. Anything is possible. With three free hours a night, you suddenly feel as though you could write a novel. Read War and Peace. Solve world hunger. Cure cancer.

Unfortunately, the moment word gets out that you suddenly have free time on your hands, the Time Vultures will descend upon you faster than you can say “extracurricular.” No matter how hard you try, activities and assignments will ooze into your planner, piling on top of each other in a massive, ugly, sulfurous heap that makes you wish you could go back to having rehearsals every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday instead.

That’s the way things go. Packed schedules are inevitable. You might as well get used to it, because the planner will be overflowing for years to come.

At least you can’t say that life is boring.


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  1. When your dadster got home last night, he said, “Well, at least my first Monday of the week is over!” I think you’re right about that planner. You’re just getting ready for a life time of busyness. Thankfully, if we’re serving the Lord, the busyness has purpose, lasting purpose. 🙂

  2. The Dadster Ripostes:

    And I am now working on the THIRD Monday of the week.

    I hope, by God’s grace, to finish it tomorrow before 6:00 p.m. and actually roll the calendar over to Thursday.

    We shall see.

    In the meantime, my coworkers laugh when they come into my office and note that I have no fewer than 7 calendars posted around me, each with a different purpose.

    I have my daily planner.

    My month-at-a-glance. (Two of these)

    My two-month overview.

    My quarterly overview.

    My annual overview.

    And my 14-month overview. (German–my favorite!)

    I use them all, at different times, for different purposes.

    Oh–and I have my Outlook set to show me American, European, and Middle-Eastern times and holidays and–well, you get the picture.

    I use Outlook as a tool to control not just MY behavior, but also that of my coworkers. (I send annoying notices, controlled on my computer, that pop up on THEIR computer at preset times to remind them of duties I have assigned to them!)

    Sometimes I send e-mails, voice mails, and post-it notes to remind them to look at the e-mail about the voice mail I reminded them of on the post-it note!

    I’m not controlling. Really.

    I just expect others to perform, well, the way I do! 🙂

    So, my Little One, don’t let inexplicable events control your life. Master the day! Take time firmly in your hands and make it your servant.

    And still keep in mind that God, in His providence, sometimes delights to upset our little apple carts and make our time HIS time–to make us think about Him instead of ourselves.

    And, in all earnestness, those God-moments are the very best times of all! We are always best when He gets His way!


    Your calendar, planner, duty-obsessed Dadster!

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