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I’m trying something tonight. This is an experiment—I’m going to test my own OCD. In the course of writing this post, I am not going to allow myself to correct typing errors. No backspacing. Just typing.

You see, I tend to make a million arrors a night when I write the daily blog post. One, I’m tired, and my brain and fingers don’t connect super well. Two, I go back and fix every ilittle thing while I’m typing which slows my progress significantly. Honestly, epole, excuse me, people—I know how to spell. It’s just that my fingers don’t know how to spell.

Recently my fingers have tripped over themselves tot he (there it is) to the point where when ever I go to type “to the” it ends up being “tot he”. Drives me bonkers.

Last year, a few of you may recal reading a similar post where I described all the different words I had trouble typing. Anything that ended with a “tion” ended up being “tino.” My dyslexic conditino led to daily humiliatino. Also, capitalization. If it weren’t for Wor’ds (excuse me) Word’s autocoreect (pardon) autocorrect function, none of these sentences would start with capital letters, and that “of” would be a “fo.” Every time I go to capitalize something, y (my) shift key fails to take me seriously, and I’ll either end pu (up) with no capitalization, or the first two letters being capitalized (such as UNiverisity – I mean University) and that gets really frustrating after a while so tonight I’m allowing myself to be lazy and I’m gritting my teeth and ignoring that and the fact that this is a really long sentence.

IN case you all were wondering how the creative process works, this is how it goes—I put vcrud (pardon—crud) on paper and then I chip away at the crud until it is less cruddy and more awesome-sounding. Then I copy-paste the slightly-less-cruddy-and-now-slightly-more-aweomes(sorry awesome)-stuff from the Word document into WordPress and hit “Publish.”

I feel liek I’ve hug (sorry again—hung) out a lit (a lot) of dirty laundry for you all to awde through. I mean wade through. Let this be a reminder to all you aspiring artists out there: no one is perfect but God. Mistakes are part of the process. They’re as much a part of the process of creating as they are part of the process of growing up.

Don’t be afraid to make mistaeks.



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  1. awww. I’ve had a lot of trouble tiyping my notes in my xlasses today. . . I guess you can tell that I have trouble too! 🙂 I do now how to spell, it’s just that my fingetrs don’t get the message. HEHEHEHE!!! Enjoyed it! h your post, DI er I mean@!!!!
    There I go again! So, take refuge in the fact that you’re not the onl;y one!

  2. The Dadster Ripostes:

    My occasional lysdexia kicks in at work, with sometimes hilarious consequences.

    I routinely end my missives with the greeting “Kind regards.”

    Only I find myself typing “Kind retards.”

    Not exactly the same meaning! 🙂

    It becomes even worse when, in my Auditor’s Official Function, I transpose numbers! 😦

    $1789.00 is distinctly different from $1879.00. Let me assure you!

    So you have my sympathy, my little ambulant gene pool!

    The nut truly falls not far from the tree.

    But be of good cheer. It all edns wlel.


    The Dasdter

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