The Second Law Strikes Again


Keeping a dorm room clean really shouldn’t be that hard. After all, it’s just a room, and there are only so many things you can put in a room and only so many places you can put them. Clean rooms are happy rooms, with a place for everything and everything in its place.

But then Saturdays happen. Something about Saturdays makes everyone’s productivity hit rock bottom, and not a single care is given about what goes where in the room. In the course of twenty four hours, a room can go from pristine to pigsty, with clothes (clean and dirty) flung everywhere, unwashed dishes piled by the sink, and an inch thick layer of crumpled paper coats the floor. You could go skiing on clutter.

Of course, it will all have to be put in order again tomorrow morning before the powers that be come to clutter-check the room. But without fail, every Saturday, no matter how tidy things may be during the rest of the week, the 2nd law of thermodynamics strikes, and everything in the room devolves.

One day we will figure out why this is. Until then, we’ll just get up a littler earlier on Sundays to sweep things under the rug. As it were.


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  1. Haha oh man, this is so true. I actually caught myself by surprise yesterday by actually vacuuming the floor and tidying up my desk a bet … I’m sure it was only some form of procrastination, though. 😛

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