Eaty with Eady


I had one job tonight. One.

Tomorrow I get my one and only chance to play “teacher” in college. I’m giving a presentation on a poet of my choice. Being the idiot over-achiever that I am, I decided to research a poet I’ve never heard anything about before in my life. So I picked Cornelius Eady.

Researching Cornelius was not exactly a waltz through a clover field. Our library has none, repeat NONE, of his seven volumes of poetry. Nor, it seems, does any library in the immediate area. So I was limited to encyclopedias and the internet. Our library didn’t even have any books about the poor man, because nobody writes books about poets who aren’t dead yet.

That’s right. This chap is still alive and kicking up in Washington D.C., teaching at a university and cranking out more award-winning poetry. To add another layer of interest, he once taught my poetry professor when she went to grad school. No pressure. No pressure at all.

And then my stomach decided to be hungry. I don’t know why it’s been so rebellious lately. I gave it everything it needed today: grains, veggies, lean protein, dairy, fruit—you name it, if it was healthy I ate it. I’ve been trying to cut back on snacking for the past two weeks because apparently the only thing people like to keep backstage on production night is sugary junk food, and the results of generating a sugar high are rarely good. Now my palate expects sugar, and I’m trying to train it to not want sugar.

But tonight I was craving sweets. I have a box of Russell Stover under my bed that I’ve been conscientiously resisting all week. I told myself I didn’t need it. I drank tea to fill me up. I munched on almonds. I did everything I could to resist. I was feeling horribly “eaty.”

Then the girl came down the hall with leftover birthday cake.  

Now I have guilt. And a lot of icing in my stomach.

I guess I had two jobs tonight. One: complete preparation for the presentation tomorrow at eight. That’s done. Two: avoid eating junk food.

Failed. Failed miserably.

At least I went running today.


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  1. Ah, sounds like the story of my life every semester (especially mid-semesters)! I finally decided that as long as my meals were balanced, I wasn’t rolling around campus, and could run for 20-30 minutes, I was healthy and occasional snacks weren’t doing permanent damage. Enjoy the icing–you don’t get it every day, after all. 😉

  2. Oh my goodness. I literally laughed OUT LOUD … and I’m in the Study Lounge!! 😛 Your night sounds EXACTLY like my night!!!! hahaha. Being the naughty, can’t-get-her-priorities-straight girl that I am, I decided to cancel my run tonight in order to spend more time on my poet presentation … and then my cousin brought her birthday cake and ice cream to my room …. yeah, let’s just say the night continued to plummet … full force … down hill. But hey, at least I know a lot more about Robert Browning than I did before tonight! 😛

  3. I SO want to go to your poetry class today. At least two of the presentations sound fascinating! 🙂 And the presenters will either be floating or crashing from icing sugar highs, not sure which….

  4. Did you check the library OneSearch article search? I just ran a quick search on “Cornelius Eady” and it brought up 309 full text articles under its General Reference search. If you click the English and Literature tab JSTOR has about 359 articles! =)

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