Look Down


Once we knew the name of the King

And wouldn’t leave Him for anything—

We’ve traded strength for weakness.

Lord, look down.


Long we loved another Land

And hid under its Ruler’s hand.

We’ve abandoned our Commander.

Lord, look down.


Somehow or other we pulled away,

Though Your blood cried out for us to stay.

We’ve forsaken our First Love.

Lord, look down.


Groping in darkness, abandoning light;

Contented with blindness, hating sight,

We’ve turned our eyes from the Sun.

Lord, look down.


Long we’ve tried to merely endure

The illnesses no man can cure.

We’ve forgotten our Physician.

Lord, look down.


Holy, Loving, Just, All-Righteous—

Heal our land, and start with us

You’re our Hope, and You alone.

Lord, look down.


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