And Then There Were Three


There’s a group of ladies that I spend a lot of time bragging on with this blog. They’re my “sisters.” They’re not technically my sisters. We share no relatives. We just share years of common joys. We’ve got a history. We’ve loved each other unconditionally for what feels like forever.

We’re also growing up. One of The Fabulous Five got married over Christmas. Now another is engaged—as of yesterday.

She’s our princess. She’s the second oldest—born in October, while the rest of us followed in November, March, and April. But she’s physically the smallest, and therefore the rest of us have taken on the role of her four protectors since junior high. Especially me.

Now she has a new protector. A very sweet, hardworking, wonderful guy has swooped into her life and done what all swooping men tend to do—swept her off her feet. Suddenly her happily-ever-after has gone from dream to near reality.

This is all very exciting.

And bewildering.

The three of us that remain unattached can only look on in quiet wonder as these events unfold. How many nights did we stay up late into the night, talking to each other from our sleeping bags, wondering what They would be like. Them. Those men we’d read about in books but hadn’t met yet. Those men we knew we’d eventually walk down aisles with. Them. At the time it was all innocent girlish talk—mere fantasy, and not to be taken seriously. But now two of us are sporting diamond rings. It’s real.

Isn’t the world full of wonderful things?

So she’s engaged. The rest of us are reeling from shock and we feel utterly ecstatic—and of course asking questions about wedding colors and what the dresses will look like.  

Time marches on. What a story this is! What a book! As I turn the pages, I see increasingly wonderful things.

Regardless—I’m still keeping a box of tissues handy.



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  1. Ah yes. Tis the season 😉 I can definitely relate … having your twin–we’ve been sharing basically the same life–near engagement is shocking, exciting, scary, and lovely … all at the same time!!

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