It is almost impossible to return to business as usual after a week-long break.

I feel like an astronaut. I’ve been floating in a restful stratosphere, worlds away from assignments and all the extracurricular madness that clouds and clutters my life, and now I’ve come back to earth. There’s a bit due in this next week. My syllabi said so. Yet I feel as though I need a period of recovery before launching (rather begrudgingly) into my usual schedule. Just like the astronauts have to be kept separate from the world, locked away while people run tests on them to make sure they’re okay to join the world again. I, like an astronaut having returned from a long and thrilling journey, need to be locked away for a while.

Hence why the better part of today was spent in my dorm room, in my pajamas and fuzzy socks, drinking a huge mug of tea. If I’m going to do class reading, I’m going to do it in style.

Every so often on the long necklace-string of days, there’s one gem of a day where taking a slower pace is not only necessary, but possible. There’s plenty to do, but nowhere to go. So you don’t have to go. You only have to do.

And after one, yea several, weeks of doing nothing but going and doing, it’s great to be able to stop. To reflect. To catch up on reading. To contemplate life, the universe, and everything.

And drink tea.



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