And the Sun Came Out (Part 1)


Long we waited in the dark

for some small ray,


but clouds as old as earth

held back the day,


painting thick the kind of night

that holds no stars,


and all we knew were formless fears

and battle scars.


You came. We thought perhaps

our wait was done—


the deaf heard the dumb shout

“He is the One.”


But we weren’t content to wait.

You had to die—


as if slaying you would lift the Sun

back to the sky—


in truth you said we knew

not what we did;


behind the stony clouds

the Sun still hid.


With a lamb’s tongue you faced

The lion’s roar


You said that it was finished—

and said no more.


4 responses »

  1. Beautifully expressed! And knowing the end of this glorious story does not in any way lessen my anticipation for part 2….instead I am all the more anxious for it!

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