April 15, 2013


the smoke clears


but not the echoes of screams

or the sight of broken glass on the

crimson pavement


for those who were free to run

can run no more


and those who were free to breathe

can breathe no more


once-familiar faces

are now


under scarlet masks


the wails of people

and of sirens

crack through the smoke and rubble







saying someone’s gotta pay for this


but a still small voice



I did







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  1. The Dadster Ripostes:

    God allows evil to have inordinate sway in this world. We cannot understand this truth. He is capable of preventing it. He is capable of destroying it.

    But He chooses not to do so.

    He does so because the very Kingdom of God is under assault by the wicked one. (Matt. 11:11-15)

    Can the wicked overcome Him? Never.

    But God has determined to allow the just measure of His law and judgment to fall on humankind.

    We grieve about this. Why, we ponder, should the “innocent” suffer evil?

    Because none is innocent. No, friends–not even an 8-year-old little boy.

    But God desires us to know this: He will avenge. He will judge. He will convene an eternal assizes; and His Holy Son, Who willingly bore the sins of all humanity, will be the One determining what needs to be judged, and what is worthy to be forgiven.

    So here is the question to you, gentle reader: Where do you stand before the Holy Judge of Heaven?

    Do you resent His judgment?

    Do you rejoice in His willing forgiveness?

    Do you even ever think of it?

    “For it is appointed unto man once to die, and after this, judgment.” (Heb. 9:27)

    Where, gentle reader, are you?

    Deo Soli Gloria!

    Prayers and shared grief to all who were hurt in Boston yesterday!


    The Dadster

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