Somehow this semester is over.

Okay, well, almost over. The classes are over, and that’s the hard part.

Now I have to start waving goodbye to people.

Okay, maybe that’s the hard part.

But the classes are over. Classes that I could not have succeeded in without God’s help. I’m here to give Him credit, because I didn’t earn a single one of those good marks by myself. I know me—I know my brain can’t handle all the information I studied this semester.

I know that yesterday I said that I’d miss this semester—this whole school year. That’s not entirely accurate. I will miss some, though not all, of my classes. Doing assignments—unless it’s writing fiction or poems—is not very fun. But the teachers are fun. And the classmates are fun. Those things I will miss.

And then there’s extracurricular things, like plays. I’ll admit, I’m glad I’m no longer on the cast of something—not until next year, anyway. The stress is not the fun part. But the experience is, and the fellow cast members are. I will miss the experience of performing, and I will miss the people I was blessed to perform with.

And of course, there are the people that are not in plays or classes with me, but by some miracle I got to know them anyway. I will miss these people.

So, yes, I am glad the semester is over in the sense that I am glad I no longer have classes or hectic schedules to contend with. But I need a day or two to be with all the people I’m going to miss. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Yes, I want to go home. Yes, I am really looking forward to not being in the dorms for a few months. But there’s a part of me that doesn’t want the fellowship to end, but to go on a little longer before we all part ways.

Also, I’m a senior now, and I can’t handle that thought. I was a freshman yesterday. I suppose I can’t delay the inevitable—but it would be nice.

All of that mental baggage aside, classes are done. That is a happy thought. And that is the happy thought that will help me fly into my dreams tonight. 


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  1. The Dadster Ripostes:

    How many times did I thank God that a semester was over?

    Yes–we are eternal creatures bound by our temporal bodies.

    But our God chooses to teach us eternal lessons in our temporal state.

    And you, Little One, are learning these lessons!

    Congratulations on the successful conclusion of your semester. You are a rising Senior with a spotless record. You have outperformed Mumsie and the Dadster! Wow!

    Now know this: God has a mission for your life. Seek that work. Do it. He has given you the skills, the talents, and the knowledge to do it.


    The Dadster

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