Summertime and the Going is Easy


I and everything that was in my dorm room is home.

There is a plus and a negative side to this. The plus is, of course, I’m home, and I get to sleep in my own bed. The negative is that my bed is currently covered in clothing and miscellaneous bags, so actually getting into bed will be a bit of an adventure.

I couldn’t have done the simple thing and put everything in a suitcase or two—no, I had to go and just bring carloads of stuff home. About three carloads in all, actually. I own way too much. Project number one of the summer will be downsizing.

Summer. I just said summer. “Summer” as in “summer vacation” summer.

“Summer” as in “listening to music in the car with the windows rolled down.” “Summer” as in “road trips” and “missions trips” and “trips to the bookstore.” “Summer” as in “movie nights” and “music nights” and “knitting nights” and “nights of doing nothing but staring at a blank page while I wait for words to fill it.”

“Summer” as in “no homework for three months.”

“Summer” as in “freedom.”

“Summer” as in “sleep.” 


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  1. Dear, you and I are too much alike. In the amount of stuff we own, in the way we transport it from dorm to house, and in what makes up a good summer. Except I don’t know how to knit; we’ll replace that one with taking and editing photos. 🙂

  2. Haha! I’m still living out of my suitcases! I mean, why unpack when I’m just going to pack again for Peru, right? *trips over my stack of books on the floor*

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