You’d think with all this spare time I suddenly have on my hands, I could settle on a decent topic for a blog post.

However, tonight I am torn between several ideas, none of which I really feel like I have the mental capacity to develop further.

One idea was another Flight of Fiction, which only came out half-baked, so I’ll need to pop it back into the oven for a day or two before it’ll be worth sharing.

Another was to reflect on culture’s perception of the cliché “happy ending”—the negatives, the positives, and a general reflection on the awesomeness and incongruousness of fairy tales in general. Yeah, don’t have time for that tonight.

Yet another was to do a little piece about going through the belonging of someone dear to you who has died, and the bittersweet release that comes with pricing those items for sale, despite the pricelessness of the actual memories associated with those items. That’s not happening in thirty minutes, either.

I also have a rough draft of a poem. Ish. Okay, it’s a rough, rough, rough draft of half a poem. That’s some proverbial dirty laundry I have no desire to hang out the proverbial window. You’re welcome.

So instead of posting, I decided to tease you all with the promise of posts to come. Not fair, I know. I’ll do better later, I promise. 


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  1. Hehe, I just love ya!! I have 3 poem rough drafts going right now … oh dear!!! I think it’s time to shoot an email to Miss Watkins for some wisdom on one of them!! 😉

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