Once in a while, life throws a curve ball.

You were expecting a low-key gathering at a friend’s apartment and got a surprise birthday party instead.

You expected to be ignored but someone listened to you instead.

You expected to be alone but found yourself with company.

You expected sunshine in the morning and rain in the afternoon, and you got rain in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon.

You thought no one would want that ugly vinyl couch, but someone fell in love with it and bought it five minutes into the yard sale.

You expected to be organized and found that you weren’t.

You expected to be late and ended up on time.

You expected no one else would know that song but you, but when you sang it someone sang along.

You expected a stranger, but found a friend.

You expected a friend, and got a stranger.

You expected a poor turnout but got a crowd.

You expected nothing, but got everything.

These curve balls are reminders that we don’t and can’t have everything planned out—that we’re not as in control of our lives as we’d like to think we are. There is more at work in the world than mere mortals trying to order their comings and goings. There is a Guide—and Author and Finisher Whose plans are far more wonderful and complex than we could ever dream up. And with this knowledge there is the hope that things will turn out well—in spite of us. 


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