The Daily Blah


Every once in a while, I wish I had a tape recorder for my brain.

Each night, I sit down in front of my computer and stare at a blank page for thirty minutes, trying to think of something clever or insightful to say. I get nothing. Zip. Zero.

During the day, though, I’m rife with ideas. They’re falling from my brain so fast they come tumbling out of my ears and form an ideological puddle at my feet, where they are promptly forgotten.

I’m fairly certain I have adult-onset ADD. Or even ADOLAS—attention deficit oh look a squirrel. Ideas don’t stick these days.

And they always hit when I’m miles away from paper or pens, so I can’t write them down. Or maybe I can write them down, but all the space I have is the margin of my lecture notes or the back of a flashcard. I will promptly forget where I stowed that idea. The act of writing it down helps me remember it a little, but usually it can only get me as far as remembering that I thought of something cool and wrote it down, but who knows where.

Which is why I wish I had a way of recording my thoughts as they happen—as sound bytes in my brain. That way I could go back at the end of the day, sort through the ideas and remember what on earth it was that I wanted to write about tonight. 


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  1. Oh come on… my head works like a cage full of crack squirrels… just don’t think about it too hard… or carry a small recorder with you during the day… hint… a small pad of paper and a pencil will also work…

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