Wanted: New Muse


This has got to be the longest streak I’ve had of not knowing what on earth to write about.

Did my muse just clock out one day and decide to go on vacation? Did the source of my inspiration pack its briefcase and go on a week-long lunch break?

Is it on a rendezvous with my motivation, which is also mysteriously missing?

What are those two doing? Do I want to know?

Maybe they’re off getting fresh ideas. Maybe they loaded a car with supplies to last a week or two and went on an excursion to pluck great ideas from the Great Green Rolling Hills of Inspiration, in full bloom now, bursting with the finest and liveliest of ideas. Maybe they’re sitting on a hill together, eating a picnic lunch, stringing together ideas like daisy chains. Motivation is arranging the ideas into different patterns on the picnic blanket, puzzling over how to make them work out in the physical world. My muse, however, is frolicking through the blossoms, singing loudly, its hair blowing wildly in the wind, scooping up armfuls of interesting thoughts and propositions without a care in the world.

Meanwhile, I am here, with an empty brain and half a boring blog post.

My Muse and my Motivation aren’t doing their share of the work inside my head. I ought to fire them. I really should.

But how would I go about trying to fill the positions?

Maybe I should hang a sign on my forehead: “Wanted: One Muse. Inquire Within,” or “Now Hiring. Motivation Position Open.”

With the job market the way it is, you’d think something would jump at the chance.

Of course, I know the minute I turned to something else for content ideas, my original Muse and Motivation would come bounding into the office, eyes gleaming, with their arms full of treasures, all for me. My brain would be so cluttered with thoughts that we’d have to shut down the office for inventory. We all know how well I do with inventory.

So I suppose I won’t fire them—irresponsible rascals that they are. They’re my irresponsible rascals, at any rate. We’re a team, after all, and I couldn’t do without them forever. 


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  1. You could write about your writing process or your poetry-writing process. Or you could write about your cats. You’ve got some great stories about them. You could write another Owl City/Doctor Who poem. 🙂 You could write about some social issue that’s important to you or on how you don’t like writing about social issues. You could write about unicorns, as I see you’ve mentioned in your Twitterings. Why not a post about your latest baking or knitting project? Or a preview of your trip overseas? (Can I apply for those positions you mentioned? I need a second job. On second thought, you better not hire me–my inspiration has a shorter life cycle than a fruit fly and normally lasts all of 30 seconds.)

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