There’s a perfectly good reason why each of the creatures on God’s green earth exists. Spiders control the fly population, worms till the earth, bees make honey, deer keep the undergrowth in check, and bears keep the rivers from being overrun by salmon.

Fireflies, though, I’m fairly certain God created just ‘cause.

It’s finally warm enough in Anytown for the fireflies to start coming out to dance at night. I see them flickering on and off as they whirr aimlessly around our back yard.

My father and I have always called the “fairies.” When I was small, we’d go out and catch them and put them in a jar overnight before letting them go the next morning. I will always believe in fairies.

They’re beautiful things, fireflies. They make summer nights magical. Every season has something about it that makes the night times lovely. In winter, there’s the icy clarity of the stars overhead, and maybe snow if you’re fortunate. In autumn there’s the smell of burning leaves that lingers in the air long after the fire has died. In spring there’s the heavy smell of blooming flowers and the clean scent that follows the rain. In summer, there are fireflies.

Other than making summer nights beautiful, however, they have no real purpose. They glow, and that is all. They don’t have a very crucial role in the ecosystem. The world would carry on just fine without the fireflies.

But summer nights would be so sad without them.

What does that say about God, that He would choose to make something just because it is beautiful? If the world made itself, like so many people believe, and the only things that survived are the things that fought to survive, then why do creatures like fireflies exist? Why would evolution form a flying thing that glows? What purpose does it serve? None. If the world really evolved the way people think it did, than only the functional things would remain. It makes far more sense that a wise, creative God would, at the beginning of the world, decide that there would be beautiful things, and not merely functional ones.

Hence fireflies.

I can’t wait to go out and catch one. 


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