How Does One Pack for Weather That Isn’t (and Other Questions Related to International Travel)


  1. Why on earth do I own so much stuff?
  2. How do I decide what clothes to pack when the forecast for my destination is 80 degrees and the “real feel” is 55?
  3. Where did I put my power adapter?
  4. How many books can I realistically read on the airplane?
  5. Socks—are they a necessity in a land of sandal-wearers?
  6. Do all of my loved ones at home have Skype? If not, who doesn’t? How can I make sure they do?
  7. Where’d my lesson plans go?
  8. Boarding pass. I need one. How do I get one? Hello? Hello?
  9. Can I make this teeny travel-size bottle of shampoo last for over two weeks?
  10. Would it really be that gauche to travel in pajamas? Okay, yes. Yes it would. Never mind.
  11. Aisle or window seat?
  12. Should I take food on the plane?
  13. Lip balm. I’ve got to remember lip balm. Last time my lips got so dry on the flight they became a fire hazard. Will TSA confiscate my lip balm?
  14. TSA. OH, SNAP, TSA. With a wardrobe like mine, how on earth will I manage to look inconspicuous?
  15. What’s a flight number? Where is it on my itinerary? Where is my itinerary?
  16. It is possible to walk to Croatia? No? Shucks.
  17. Why can’t I just teleport over there? We’ve been to the moon, guys, c’mon—teleportation is the next logical step. Get with it, people.
  18. I’m going to get lost on my way there, aren’t I?
  19. …How am I going to get back home?
  20. Where’d my business card for Worrywarts Anonymous get off to?

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  1. I. Love. You. You just made me smile hugely and want to give you a hug. 🙂 Now, take a deep breath…and realize that I will be praying for you throughout the trip!!!

  2. Oh my! As a frequent international traveler, I have to say this was one of my favorite posts!! Really made me laugh! Loved it! And, to give my thoughts on some of the questions….

    1. That will never end and doesn’t have much to do with traveling; it’s just life! I have to pack up and store things every couple of years and I get rid of tons of stuff each time. I think all my things multiply on their own when I’m not looking!
    5. Socks-they are a necessity on a cold plane even if you don’t use them later!
    8. Boarding pass (and likely all boarding passes you need if you are making any transfers) will be handed to you at initial check-in. You then just have to keep up with them as you travel. 🙂
    9. Maybe, if you only use a little teeny bit each day! 🙂
    10. I have actually thought about how nice this would be!! Great minds…..
    11. For me, definitely aisle! I like the freedom of movement and the little bit of extra legroom as you can sort of stick your legs out in the aisle a bit. Only, be careful of that beverage cart if you do! 🙂
    13. SUCH a necessity, that lip balm. TSA will likely not take it from you, but to be safe you can put it in that quart sized ziploc that holds all your other liquid/gel type things in your carry on. Like your small thing of toothpaste or mouthwash. Nothing more refreshing after several hours of flying than to go into the plane’s bathroom and brush your teeth! Wouldn’t travel without it!
    14. LOL!
    17. Yes, please, please!! I have too many people I love too spread out over the world to not think this should be on the top of all research and development plans!
    18. Nope, you are not! Because we will be praying for you all during your big adventurous trip. 🙂

    Love you and truly believe its going to be a smooth, easy trip and a wonderful 2 weeks there.

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