Why This Post is Short


Travel has its consequences.

Thankfully it has more benefits than consequences, so travel is still awesome.

The fact remains, though, that every good thing comes at a price.

When you travel, you have little to no control over what you’ll be eating. The food may be wonderful, but it’s not the balanced meals you may be used to. Meat and potatoes are great, but a digestive tract that is accustomed to eating like a rabbit will be thrown into a kind of gastronomic shock after days of nothing but carbohydrates.

Also, you have no way of exercising the way you’re used to doing it. Sure, not everyone exercises—but I do. I’m used to running four 5ks a week—on a treadmill, and not on a stomach full of meat and potatoes.

Also, you may not be accustomed to the time the sun happens to rise in the area of the world that you’re visiting. In most US states, the sun rises at 7:00 AM. Abroad, it may rise later—or three and a half hour earlier, waking you up prematurely.

In short, going to bed early is a necessity for getting a full night’s sleep, and for rising early enough to run while it’s still cool and uncrowded outside.

Therefore, I am going to bed at 10:30 to rise at 6:00.

That is why this post is short—because it is 10:04 PM, and I still have things to do before I sleep. 


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