Sometimes on the road of life you will have no clue where you’re going.

You will be tired. You will have had a long, long day. How the day went in terms of delightfulness or lack thereof is irrelevant. You will be tired.

You will be driving through unfamiliar territory. The sun is going down and you are less and less sure of where you’re supposed to be going. The forest road that seemed pleasant and green half an hour ago is growing ever darker and more foreboding. You see the full moon rising and momentarily question your belief in the innate fictitiousness of werewolves.  

But you will see a road sign. It will tell you your intended destination and shows an arrow pointing down the road you’re on. You will drive on with renewed, though still shaky confidence.

Then the road will go from patchy asphalt to dirt and rocks and holes. You will question your reasoning and your sense of direction and whether or not this was a good idea to go on this adventure today.

But most of all, you will question the sign that told you this was the right way to go.

You encounter sign after sign that tells you to keep going—you’re on the right road. But nothing about this road will look right. You will have to trust the sign.  

Doing what God’s Word tells us will not always “look right.” It will tell you to ride against the current of popular opinion. Others will mock you, threaten you, even inflict bodily harm on you, if you do what God has called you to do.

But He gave us road signs. He gave us a whole Book of road signs. We have to trust Him when He says to keep going, no matter what.

And you will get there. So long as you don’t get into your head that your detour is a better idea, you will get there. Trust Him. He made the roads. He knows the way. 


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