Cold Wave


Thank you to those of you who were praying I’d start sleeping well at night. The temperatures have dropped to 55 or 60 degrees Fahrenheit here in Croatia. And it’s cloudy. And rainy. Compared to the 90-95 degree weather we’d been having, this is heaven. 

Life could not better be.

This afternoon was so cool I could open my windows and let air in. It was cool enough for me to take a nap. Not only could I take a nap, but I could go on a short walk without feeling like I was going to melt into a great puddle of Rizzy. It was wonderful.

However, since I took a nap, I still have a ton of classwork to do that hasn’t gotten done yet.

So this is a short, short update, hardly worth your notice.

But thanks for noticing anyway. 


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