Mer Chris


Today marks the halfway point of the year.

The Christmas year, of course.

Yes, in six months, we’ll all be decking those halls and jingling our bells and harking to those herald angels. Fa-la-laing all over the place. It’ll be great.

Have you finished your shopping?

As an early Christmas present, I will give you all the beginnings of a set of song lyrics. It’s only half finished, because the Christmas year’s only half finished. It is a silly song, just like this post is silly.

It is also short because I kind of have miles to go before I sleep, as it were, to get class prep work done.

So here you go! Mer Chris. (Halfway there, remember?)


Come on, Kookaburra, baby,

Sing me a tune

Right outside my window

In the middle of June


For years I’ve had to listen to

A lousy bunch of wannabes—

From kangaroos with didgeridoos

To bongo-beating wallabies.


I know that my request might seem a little bit outrageous,

But I’ve never heard another bird whose laugh was as contagious.


So come on, Kookaburra, baby,

Sing out of tune

Right outside my window

In the middle of June. 


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  1. Loved the song, and love that you mentioned it’s halfway to Christmas. That was in my post this morning on facebook. Great minds, my friend. 😉

  2. Hi My Precious Little One!

    The Dadster faithfully asked his coworkers today: “So, it’s six months until Christmas; have you finished your shopping yet?”

    Most folks were blah about the response.

    I was “festive.”

    And for me, that is difficult.

    So you just keep it up, Little One. As God will, in six short months, we will be watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (the real version with Boris Karloff).

    And we will eat pumpkin pie and yeast rolls and gravy and be absolutely happy to be with ourselves in our home in front of the fireplace with the cats drooped all over us!

    God is good–and every day that I live cements that fact more deeply, more fully in my heart.


    The Dadster

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