Worth a Thousand Words


Just in case you needed more than just my word for it that I’m staying in a beautiful place…





I really have no more to say after that. 


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  1. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! It looks so much like Germany. I love the profusion of flowers pouring out the small garden places: over fences, under windows. So beautiful! Thanks for the pictures. 🙂

  2. The Dadster Ripostes:

    Hi My Precious Scion!!!!!!

    1. I cannot express how full my heart is that you have chosen to do this work that the Lord gave you.
    2. Wow–what a beautiful area you are serving in! Please tell your students and hosts that your Dadster thinks that their homeland is lovely.
    3. Mumsie and I are jealous–we remember how lovely Europe is in the summer. Maybe we will all be able to visit again in the near future. Remember Chicka and DeeDee?

    Come home soon, my little treasure!


    The Dadster

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