One Day More


Classes ended today. Tomorrow, my nine students will take a test that determines whether or not they can move on to the Level Three next year.

They are brilliant children. Sometimes hyperactive, sometimes stubborn, sometimes whiny, sometimes excited, sometimes bored—but they are still brilliant, and I love them.

They all seemed really disappointed that class ends this week. And while I am ready for the rest that next week will bring, I will miss them. They didn’t know it, but they were the kindest group of kids an inexperienced and far from professional teacher could ask for.

One day more.

Tomorrow we say our goodbyes. I will have coffee with one former student for one last time—I will say goodbye to my UNO-playing buddies and all of the Level 1, 2, and 3 students in the other town. I will pack up my little bags and drive away, to rest up in a different town for a few days before flying home.


Croatia has a very special place in my heart—but it is not home. And as much as I look forward to when I can return, whenever that may be, I am eager to sail home and drop my anchor in a more familiar port. This picture has left my head full of stories to tell and my camera full of pictures to show. God has been so good, and I can’t wait to tell everyone at home just how good He has been. A hundred little miracles of grace, a thousand little tender mercies, and a million little answered prayers.

And one day more. One day more, and the return adventure begins. 


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  1. We are so glad you have had this adventure, but we are equally glad–maybe more so!–to have you back home. We’re praying for a safe journey!

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