Lost, but Now Is Found


My luggage came back from its vacation in Frankfurt today. Despite the fact it had my camera, it failed to take any pictures of its trip. Neither of us managed to find time to eat a frankfurter in Frankfurt. Considering it stayed there even longer than I did, you’d think it would’ve managed to sightsee a little.

More likely than not, it was stuck on a warehouse floor somewhere, shoved into a corner when no one knew what to do with it. Once the people from U.S. airways started making phone calls, however, people started looking for my plum-colored suitcase. They hunted high and low, knowing full well it would be better to find the suitcase than to have to fork out the replacement cost of a camera and a set of retainers.

There were a few other things in there, however, that have no monetary value—but have incredible sentimental value. A stack of notes from my students. The scarf I bought in Opatija. A leather bracelet with the letters A and Z stamped onto it that I made my senior year of high school. A hoodie with the name of my literary society. A necklace that belonged to my grandmother and my other grandmother’s high school graduation ring (neither of which I had intended to pack but I discovered in a purse pocket once I landed in Croatia). A flash drive full of pictures my friends and I took last summer on our road trip. A camera full of memories from my trip. A small figurine the school caretaker gave to me so that I wouldn’t forget Croatia. A doily a lady at one of the house churches hand-crocheted for me. A key-chain given to me by one of my students. A book of Croatian poetry given to me by the school supervisor.

These things were irreplaceable, and I am very, very glad to have them back. I had abandoned hope of ever having my luggage returned, but miracle of miracles, it was delivered to my doorstep tonight.


Because I have a big, powerful God Who looks out for me and my petty little possessions, even when I don’t trust Him to deliver. But He does. Every time.

Silly me. 


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