Poemcrazy: A Book Story


My usual method of determining whether or not I should buy something for myself runs as follows:

I see something I like. I check the price tag. I evaluate the item fully to see if the price is a good one. I hold the object. I walk around the store for a while, looking at other things. I put the item back where I found it and leave the store. I will shop in other places for an hour or more. If the item has not left my mind as something I need or still really want, I return to the store. If it is still there, I call it destiny and walk to the checkout counter.

Back in May, I found a book at a used book store that’s outside of my state. Shopping in used book stores is usually a financial misstep for me, as I tend to want to adopt every book I see. At this visit, I found a book called Poemcrazy, a book on writing poetry by a teacher of poetry at some artsy university in the northeast somewhere. The cover was interesting. The chapter titles were interesting. The typeface was interesting. The opening few sentences were interesting. The fact that it was a lightweight book on writing poetry was very interesting to me, an aspiring and extremely amateurish poet who fell in love with the poeticized word this semester and wanted a chance to expand my skills. I was very idea-hungry at that point in the summer, and this little book seemed full of ideas. And it was only 6 dollars.

I didn’t buy it.

This book has been on my mind for over a month now. I told myself I could find it at a library somewhere. I never could.

But today I returned to that little book store with a different group of people and a different goal in mind. Remembering my shopping technique, I told myself that if the book was still there after a month had gone by, that book was meant to be mine. Sure enough, it was there.

I bought it this time. I’ve begun reading it. It’s charming. I have so many ideas floating in my head I couldn’t handle them all so I had to spend on hour journaling to get the words out of my system.

It only goes to show that good things come to those who wait. 


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