Reality Returns


So I’ve been on vacation for a week.

I didn’t go anywhere, which was lovely. Recovering from an international flight like the one I took a week ago takes time. Instead, I stayed at home with my awesome family.

I baked things. I ate things. Not all of them were things that I baked. Some of what I ate was movie popcorn, which is about a -9 on the “healthy” scale. Asbestos is -10.

Yes, we left the shelter of our home to go to a movie theater and watch Monsters University and Man of Steel. Two days in a row of movie-theater-going. Thank goodness we came in late to the second one and didn’t have time to buy the obligatory accompanying junk food.

We also did a lot of driving around on mountain roads. There was a lot of rain, so we didn’t see too much of the scenery. But after a decade of drought, we’re happy for the rain. The minor protests breaking out on my forehead in the humid aftermath is something I’ll try to overlook.

Tomorrow, however, I return to work at the library after almost a month of absence. Hopefully they didn’t change everything while I was gone. My supervisor and her husband (also one of my supervisors) have left work at the library so they can prep for their move to a state way, way up north. This is a sad development for all of us at the library, since we will miss them. They were super supervisors. And good friends.

Aside from that, hopefully everything will be the same—calm, quiet, and bookish.

Maybe with a schedule in place, I can start being productive again. 


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  1. Glad you’ve had a restful week! Enjoy getting back into a routine! And how were Man of Steel and Monster U? Need to see both of them!

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