Questions, Questions (A Contemplative Nonsense Poem)


Where did you go

And what did you see

Before you found yourself

Walking along with me?


How many steps did you take?

How many hearts did you break?

How many broke yours?

How many slammed their doors?


And if you could

Would you turn back time

And rewrite the past,

Different words, different rhyme?


Would you have talked to me?

Would you have let me be?

Would you have said your name?

Would I have said the same?


Did you find yourself

In pieces and parts

Never knowing that you

Would soon be fixing hearts?


Did you find it strange?

Did you hope for change?

Did you hear the lies?

Did you close your eyes?


Given the chance,

Knowing how things would end,

Would you change the past

And have become my friend?


Could you have thought the best?

Could you have guessed the rest?

Could you have dared to try?

Could you have wondered why?


All those years ago

Could you have guessed

That every heartache

Would work out for the best?


How many times I wish I

Would have met you before.

Did you think you and I

Could be singing once more?








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