Wait For It

Impatience is a common college-age problem. In fact, from my observation, impatience is an any-age problem. Add into the mix a culture of instant-gratification, and you’ve got a nation full of impatient, unhappy people. Unhappy, of course, because they didn’t get that thing they wanted the moment they got it.

I am not by nature a patient person. My friends are always telling me to slow down, to wait up, not to rush, to take smaller steps, to stop and smell the roses. I try my best to be an efficient person, moving quickly from point A to point B thanks to the narrow time constraints college inevitably brings. As a result, I can get frustrated when something (or someone) gets in the way of my progress. This frustration rarely produces any good fruit.

On a larger scale, I tend to get impatient when certain life processes don’t go as quickly as I’d like them too. Waiting for an email from someone, for instance. Waiting for a publisher to get back with me. Waiting for Christmas to get here. Waiting for the school year to be over. Waiting to be out of grad school. When I can’t to my goal as fast as I’d like to, I get frustrated, and therefore not very fun to be around.

For example, I’ve been waiting for the skin on my forehead to clear up since March. It won’t. In fact, it’s worse. Nothing helps. So I figured all I can do is ride the ugliness out until the nice, clear skin I’ve had for 20 years decides to return. I can’t rush the healing process, apparently, since rushing things only makes the condition worse.

Good things come to those who wait. When life holds me up, I have two options: 1) get angry and make myself and everyone who knows me miserable, or 2) wait it out. Hang in there. Take a deep breath.

Every time I’m held up in traffic, I remind myself that maybe, just maybe, if I had gotten through that light like I’d hoped to, I might’ve been hit by another car. Everything happens just as it should, with just the right timing. That is beyond my control. With this knowledge, I can relax, enjoy the ride, and be a much more fun person to be around.


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  1. I feel your pain, Rizzy dear…Especially about the clear skin thing. Something about college seems to have made my clear skin go on vacation. Loving the posts!

  2. That’s right. I’d like to add in a bit here about waiting for the people your with when you leave a building or trot down a sidewalk or all those other things that an otter could mention. ; P ‘hey rizzy, wait for me!!!’ hahaha. memories…….. love you riz

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