You Never Walk Alone

In times of stress, our temptation is to think that no one else in the entire world can possibly be experiencing the same problem that we are.

But people are. Everywhere, there are people going through the same horrors that you’re facing. In fact, some people’s horrors are worse than your horrors. And some people have faced far more horrible horrors than you will ever face.

Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

Of course, whilst you are in the midst of your pity puddle party, the other temptation will be to bury yourself in this puddle. To drown in it. There are others who’ve been in the same ugly puddle—and even more who haven’t, but just love you—who are more than willing to help you out. But for some twisted reason, it feels good to feel sorry for yourself. It hurts so good that you don’t want to accept companionship. Somehow in the midst of our hardest struggles, we think we don’t need anyone. We think we can muscle through it alone.

This has often been my mentality. Only recently have I learned that I can’t go it alone. God has surrounded me with friends every time I’ve needed them the most. When I felt the most sorry for myself, or the most fearful, or the most miserable, or in any other way emotionally pressed, God sent me the help I needed in the form of a friend. This year, He even gave me new friends—people who didn’t even know what I had been through in the past or what I was facing then—people who had no clue I needed them.

But, boy, did I.

If you are feeling lonely, look around. Out there in the mist and smoke and shadowy foxholes, there are others who are fighting the same fight you are. They speak the same language and fly the same banner that you do. You’re not alone. You are surrounded by help. Sometimes you have to look for them, and other times all you have to do is stick out your hand in faith. People need people, and God has promised to provide every need.


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  1. I like this post a lot. 🙂 It is so true–God gives good friends, and we need them. He has blessed me tremendously in this area! The summer before I started at BJU, my daily prayer was Psalm 119:79-80, which is essentially a request for godly friends. He faithfully answered, even when His thoughts on who my friends should be were different than mine. I wouldn’t trade the people He brought into my life for anything!

  2. This is so good! So often I feel like I’m the only one going through something and God always brings people into my life who are going through the same thing as me so we can encourage one another and help one another fight that same battle. Great post!

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