So Little Summer


Time is playing tricks on me again.

It seems like a week ago when my friends were graduating and I was moving back home after a year of dorm life. But it’s actually been a little over three months.

A lot has happened in three months. I went to Croatia. I’ve been to North Carolina. I’ve written several chunks of my fiction story. My room is finally clean. We finally sold my late grandfather’s house—and we moved everything out of his house, which is nothing shy of miraculous. Our church hosted a VBS, the first we’ve had in years, and it was a very fun week for all involved. I started applying for grad school. A good friend moved to China, where she’ll be for two years. Another friend moved back to Georgia, where she’s starting her teaching career. A member of my small-but-mighty Sisterhood has spent most of her summer at an internship in Virginia, where she’s been working in the costume shops at historical Williamsburg. Some of my friends got married. Things changed this summer. Plenty of things changed. Locations changed. Viewpoints changed. Marital statuses changed.

So much has happened, and it’s only been two months.

How can it feel like I just got out of school, yet we’re about to start again in a week or so?

How can that be?

There’s so little summer left. A new chapter is beginning in just a few more pages.

What other changes are in store?


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